What Every Manager Needs to Know About Time Management

Time Management is one of the biggest challenges facing Managers and Supervisors. Learn the key skills you need as a Supervisor or Manager to manage your time effectively.

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One of the biggest challenges Supervisors and Managers face is managing their time.  Because of the very nature of their job, Supervisors and Managers are often bombarded with competing demands on their time from staff, internal/external customers and management.  Unmanaged, these demands can prove to be overwhelming. Yet, the ability to identify and focus their attention on the most important tasks is often the difference between a successful or unsuccessful Manager or Supervisor.  Consequently, as a Supervisor or Manager, the ability to successfully manage your time is one of the most important skill sets you need to develop.

Symptoms of Poor Time Management

Find a Supervisor or Manager struggling to manage their time and you will often find common symptoms.  Among these are:

  • A Lack of a clear understanding of what they should be focusing their time on.
  • Underestimating how long things take, so schedules are unrealistic.
  • Failure to prioritize between activities.
  • Belief that Time management tools and methods are too complex and cumbersome.
  • If using a time management strategy, using one that ignores the needs of key people they deal with.
  • Inability to successfully deal with time wasters and barriers to getting things done.

Signs of Good Time Management

On the other hand, Supervisors and Managers that effectively manage their time also usually share some common traits. They have:

  • A clear handle on what they want to accomplish and when.
  • A clear understanding of the needed steps and time requirements to accomplish the tasks needed to meet these goals.
  • A daily routine that permits them to spend the needed time on each area.
  • A time management plan that also reflects the needs of other key people that they interact with such as their boss, clients, staff and colleagues they need to collaborate with on projects and issues.
  • The ability to deal with common time wasters and barriers to getting things done.

Because be able to manage your time is such an important skill, KAW Consulting developed “TIME MANAGEMENT FOR MANAGERS AND SUPERVISORS”, an electronic handbook that will help you learn these vital skills.

You’ll learn how to:

  • Analyze your job and identify what you should focus your time on to achieve what’s expected and your own personal goals.
  • Develop an ideal picture of how to allocate your time between your various activities.
  • Analyze how you are currently spending your time and identify the gaps from your ideal picture.
  • Develop weekly and daily schedules so you focus your time on the activities needed to achieve your goals.
  • Deal with time management challenges such as unexpected interruptions, non critical phone calls, high volumes of e-mail, and unproductive meetings.

Unlike most books on time management that are too complicated and hard to understand,  “TIME MANAGEMENT FOR MANAGERS AND SUPERVISORS” is exactly the opposite. It’s written in easy to understand language that walks you step by step through the process of managing your time more effectively. We’ve even included sample forms you can use to identify how you want to spend your time, track how you’re currently spending it versus how you’d like to, and develop the weekly and daily plans to get what you want done.

Available in both Kindle and PDF

To meet the demands of our global users, TIME MANAGEMENT FOR MANAGERS AND SUPERVISORS is now available in both Kindle and PDF versions.  U.S. purchasers can purchase both. International users eligible to purchase from Amazon can purchase the Kindle Version.  Both versions allow you to have it accessible each time you need it.

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