How to Hold Better Team Meetings

Add “TEAM DISCUSSION FRAMEWORKS” TO YOUR MOBILE MANAGER’S TOOLKIT. How to order Kindle version of “TEAM DISCUSSION FRAMEWORKS” and have it available whenever and wherever you need it to help you hold productive team meetings.

As part of their work, teams need to be able to successfully generate ideas, set goals, solve problems, make decisions, plan tasks and understand individual and shared perspectives.  Discussing these items effectively is often the difference between a team succeeding or failing.  Too often, however, teams find themselves facing these important types of discussions without any guidance on how to approach them.  The result can be a team meeting that ends in frustration, with a team that doesn’t make the progress needed to move forward.

To help teams manage their way through these important discussions, KAW Consulting developed “TEAM DISCUSSION FRAMEWORKS”, an e-handbook that guides you step-by-step through 6 of the most important types of team discussions.  These are:

  • Brainstorming
  • Problem Solving
  • Decision Making
  • Task Planning
  • Goal Setting
  • Communications/Understanding

To help you understand when to use each Framework, also included are sample uses of each.


Designed specifically for e-book users, “TEAM DISCUSSION FRAMEWORKS” can be kept as a handy reference on all your devices that support Kindle reading apps. These include most smart phones, tablets and computers, and of course, Kindle devices. This allows you to have “TEAM DISCUSSION FRAMEWORKS”  handy whenever you need it, whether planning a team meeting, or if you’re in the middle of a meeting and need to decide how to discuss one of the 6 areas.


Both U.S. and Global users can order the  Kindle Version of the “TEAM DISCUSSION FRAMEWORKS” from AMAZON.   For information on how to do so,  either click the applicable link below, or visit your applicable Amazon website and input TEAM DISCUSSION FRAMEWORKS in the search criteria.

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