What Every Manager Needs to Know About Project Management – Part 1

Add “PROJECT MANAGEMENT FOR MANAGERS AND SUPERVISORS” TO YOUR MOBILE MANAGER’S TOOLKIT. How to order Kindle and PDF versions of “PROJECT MANAGEMENT FOR MANAGERS AND SUPERVISORS” and have it available whenever and wherever you need it.

As part of their work, Supervisors and Managers are often asked to manage or participate on a project in addition to their regular duties.  The ability to successfully manage these projects is often a key component of being a successful Supervisor or Manager, and often a criterion for further advancement.  Yet, because they are non routine events, successfully managing projects require different skills than Supervisors and Managers use in their day-to-day work.  Consequently, if you’re a Supervisor or Manager, or hoping to become one, being able to understand and use basic project management skills is one of the most important skill sets you need to develop. These basic skills include the ability to:

    • Define the project’s scope, objectives, deliverables, critical success factors, resource needs, and collaboration requirements.

    • Break the work down into its major work blocks and tasks.
    • Develop an easy to use project schedule.
    • Monitor the project’s status and what to do if it’s off course.

These basic skills are critical regardless of how you plan to manage your project—using project management software or tools you develop yourself. They focus on the critical steps you need to take before you enter data into the project management tools you use.


Because being able to manage projects successfully is such an important skill, KAW Consulting developed “PROJECT MANAGEMENT FOR MANAGERS AND SUPERVISORS”, an electronic handbook that will help you learn these vital skills.

Unlike most books on project management that are complicated and hard to understand,  “PROJECT MANAGEMENT FOR MANAGERS AND SUPERVISORS ” is exactly the opposite. It’s written in easy to understand language that walks you through the process of managing a project step by step, helping you think of the key ingredients to make your project successful, and avoid the common problems that crop up in unsuccessful ones.  We’ve even included sample forms you can easily adapt to fit your own project when defining the project’s key ingredients and developing the schedule and budget.


To meet the demands of our global users, “PROJECT MANAGEMENT SKILLS FOR MANAGERS AND SUPERVISORS” is now available in both Kindle and PDF versions.  U.S. purchasers can purchase both. International users eligible to purchase from Amazon can purchase the Kindle Version.  Both versions allow you to have it accessible each time you need to manage or participate on a project.


For information on the Kindle version either click here or visit your applicable Amazon website and input “PROJECT MANAGEMENT SKILLS FOR MANAGERS AND SUPERVISORS” in the search criteria.


For U.S. users, the PDF version allows you to store ““PROJECT MANAGEMENT SKILLS FOR MANAGERS AND SUPERVISORS” on your computer so you have it accessible each time you need it. It includes hyperlinks so you can jump right to the page or section you need without having to spend time scrolling through unneeded pages. If you want hard copy you can print what you need.

You can purchase single copies or share with additional users by purchasing additional licenses. This makes it easy for organizations to increase the productivity of their staffs.

You can buy single copies for the low price of $21.95.

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Note: PDF Version available to only U.S. customers at this time.

Author: KAW Consulting

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