The Mobile Manager: “Delegating For Results” Now Available on KINDLE

Successful delegation is one of the most critical skill sets a Supervisor or Manager needs to develop. Being able to delegate successfully helps you tap into the potential of your staff. Learn how to put “Delegating For Results” in your “Mobile Manager’s Toolkit”so you have it accessible whenever you need to reference it to help you effectively delegate a task.

To meet the demands of our Mobile users, “DELEGATING FOR RESULTS is now available for Kindle.  As an important component of KAW Consulting’s “Manager’s Toolkit”, this allows Managers and Supervisors to add this e-book to their “Mobile Manager’s Toolkit” and have it at their disposal whenever and wherever they need it via any device that has Kindle capability–Kindles, iPads, iPhones, other Smart Phones or tablets.  

This post shows you how to order via Amazon so you can start learning and putting these skills to work right away.

Note: Available to U.S. and Global users eligible to purchase from Amazon.

About “Delegating for Results”

Successful delegation is one of the most critical skill sets a Supervisor or Manager needs to develop. Being able to delegate successfully helps you tap into the potential of your staff.  It helps you accomplish much more than you could working alone, and allows you to devote your time and efforts to your most critical tasks, or things you do best.  Put simply, being able to delegate successfully is one of the keys to a successful career in Supervision or Management.

To help Managers, Supervisors and other Leaders learn these critical skills, KAW Consulting  developed “DELEGATING FOR RESULTS”  an easy to understand e-book will help you learn the keys delegating successfully.  You’ll learn how to:

  • Identify what tasks to delegate
  • Identify the right people to delegate to
  • Identify the level of delegation that you’re comfortable with
  • Determine what the person doing the task needs to be able to deliver the results you expect.
  • Hold effective delegation meetings.
  • Conduct the needed follow-up to stay on top of the person’s progress.

Unlike most books that describe the delegation process in general terms, “DELEGATING FOR RESULTS” walks you through the process step by step, helping you think of the key ingredients to make your delegation successful, and avoid the common problems that crop up in unsuccessful ones.  It even includes forms to help you analyze your major tasks and identify which ones are excellent candidates to delegate, furnish the person you’re delegating to with the important information they need to understand about the task, and a checklist to make sure you’ve considered the vitals steps when planning your delegation.

Designed specifically for e-book users this version of “DELEGATING FOR RESULTS” is something you’ll want to keep on hand and refer to each time you need to delegate a task.

How to Order

To view information on and order  the Kindle version of “DELEGATING FOR RESULTS” either click the applicable link below, or visit your applicable Amazon website and input “Delegating for Results” in the search criteria.

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Author: KAW Consulting

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