Keys to Delegating Work So It Gets Done – Part 2: How to Identify What to Delegate

Successful delegation is one of the most critical skill sets a Supervisor or Manager needs to develop. Being able to delegate successfully helps you tap into the potential of your staff. Learn how to identify types of tasks that make excellent candidates to delegate.

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As mentioned in Keys to Delegating Work So It Gets Done – Part 1, one of the first skills you need to master to delegate work successfully is to learn how to identify tasks that make good candidates to delegate.

While many people who resist the idea of delegating  respond immediately that they have nothing that can be delegated, it often turns out not to be the case.  The problem is that often they haven’t done the analysis needed to identify tasks that might make good candidates.

Some of the common types of tasks that make excellent candidates to delegate include:

  • Routine and minor decisions
  • Information Gathering
  • Technical tasks
  • Operating tasks
  • Report generation
  • Tasks you dislike doing that somebody else could do as well as you
  • Tasks that can help your staff increase their capabilities and skills
  • Other categories that you can think of

To start analyzing your tasks in this manner, make a list of your major responsibilities and tasks you perform under each responsibility.  Then go through the list of candidate tasks above, and identify which ones you use to fulfill that responsibility and how. Once you’ve done that, ask yourself, “Do I have to do all of that myself, or is there something that someone else can help with?”  The things that someone else can help with become the candidates to delegate.

Example: The Monthly Budget Report

Assume for a minute that you have responsibility for generating the monthly budget report.  It’s a real headache and involves gathering information, putting it in a spreadsheet, analyzing variances and summarizing the information.  You do the whole thing yourself, including sending it out.

When you went through the type of analysis discussed above, you found that there were indeed things that someone else could do if you let them.  One of your staff members could gather some of the information if you taught him how.  Another person who knew spreadsheets and reports could enter the information and generate the report.  It turns out your Admin Assistant is very happy to handle the distribution for you.  You can concentrate your efforts on the real part of the process that takes your expertise–summarizing the information and explaining the variances.

So, by doing some analysis it turns out that you can delegate some of tasks for this responsibility that have taken up a good chunk of your time.  And once you succeed at delegating these tasks, you can start looking at your other responsibilities for tasks to delegate as well.

So How Do I Learn These Skills?

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