Off-The-Shelf, Turnkey Courseware on How to Delegate

Help Supervisors and Managers learn the skills they need to delegate effectively.


Being able to delegate effectively is one of the most critical skills that Supervisors and Managers need to develop.  It helps someone accomplish much more than they could working alone, and allows them to devote their time and efforts to their most critical tasks, or things they do best.  Put simply, being able to delegate effectively is one of the keys to a successful career in Supervision, Management or other key leadership role.

To help Trainers provide their Supervisors and Managers with the training they need to learn these vital skills, KAW Consulting developed, “DELEGATING FOR RESULTS”a 1 Day, pre-written, turnkey, off the shelf course aimed at helping Supervisors and Managers become effective delegators.
Topics include:
  • Why Delegate?
  • Key ingredients for a successful delegation.
  • The delegation process
  • How to identify what tasks to delegate.
  • How to identify what the person you’re delegating to needs to do the task.
  • How to delegate at a level that makes you comfortable.
  • How to keep track of what you’ve delegated.
  • Avoiding common traps and pitfalls.
  • How to get started.
  • Personal action plan.

What’s Included?

“DELEGATING FOR RESULTS” provides you with everything you need to conduct an effective 1 day workshop.  You get:

  • A Power Point Presentation with annotated speaker notes covering each topic.
  • Interactive Exercises that get participants actively thinking about and discussing what they’re learning.
  • A comprehensive Leader’s Guide in PDF format.

Who Should Buy This Course?

Because it’s pre-written and off-the-shelf, “DELEGATING FOR RESULTS” is perfect for Trainers and other professionals who need to conduct training for supervisors and managers on how to delegate, but don’t want to spend the large amount of time needed to research, design and develop a program from scratch.  This includes:

  • Internal Trainers
  • Training Managers
  • HR Managers
  • Training Firms
  • Consultants
  • Anyone who needs to teach Supervisors or Managers how to delegate.

We’ve made “DELEGATING FOR RESULTS” extremely easy to afford.  Base prices start as low as $350.  For more information and to view a sample, click here.

Note: “DELEGATING FOR RESULTS” is only available for purchase by U.S. buyers.

Author: KAW Consulting

KAW Consulting provides Training and Development, Organizational Development, Teambuilding, Strategic Planning and Human Resource Consulting. Since 1994, our Core Competence has been helping organizations meet their business and strategic goals by identifying and developing the needed human resource capability to achieve these goals. KAW also provides the Manager's Toolkit, a series of Team and Personal productivity tools aimed at helping Managers, Supervisors and Team Members succeed in some of their most challenging tasks such as: Designing and Running Better Meetings, Holding effective Team Discussions, Delegating Work Successfully, Managing Projects, Time Management, Coaching Employees, and Leading Effectively.

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