Conference Presentation Recap Form

Attended a conference and need to figure out what to do with all the great information? Here’s a presentation recap form to help summarize what you learned and plan what to do next.

[tweetmeme source=”KAWConsulting”]You’ve just attended a great conference, enjoyed it tremendously, met a lot of great people and attended some great presentations. The challenge now is how to take advantage of what you’ve learned, and put it to use.

Here’s a form to help you recap what you’ve learned and start thinking about how to put it to use in your organization. It includes space for:

  • The presentation’s main concepts
  • Your key learnings
  • Who is using these ideas in the field?
  • How are they benefitting from using them?
  • How your organization can benefit from using these ideas.
  • Who in your organization might be interested in these concepts.
  • What you need to do to get started bringing these concepts to life.

You can use the form for each presentation you want to recap.  It’s written in Microsoft Word,  and has room for as many pages as you need.

Feel free to share it with others, or simply retweet.

To access the form click here.

Brought to you by KAW Consulting.  See our “Manager’s Toolkit” E-Book Series that guides Managers and Supervisors step by step through the processes needed to meet the 6 Basic Skills every Manager, Supervisor, and Leader needs to master.

Author: KAW Consulting

KAW Consulting provides Training and Development, Organizational Development, Teambuilding, Strategic Planning and Human Resource Consulting. Since 1994, our Core Competence has been helping organizations meet their business and strategic goals by identifying and developing the needed human resource capability to achieve these goals. KAW also provides the Manager's Toolkit, a series of Team and Personal productivity tools aimed at helping Managers, Supervisors and Team Members succeed in some of their most challenging tasks such as: Designing and Running Better Meetings, Holding effective Team Discussions, Delegating Work Successfully, Managing Projects, Time Management, Coaching Employees, and Leading Effectively.

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