How to Give Your Managers and Supervisors the Training and Tools They Need To Succeed, and Get Them To Use Them

Learn how to provide your Managers and Supervisors with the training and tools they need to succeed in 6 critical basic skill areas.

Summary: This post provides U.S. training consultants with a low cost way of providing Managers, Supervisors and other Leaders with low cost electronic handbooks that help them develop the skills needed to meet 6 of their most fundamental day-to-day challenges.

In today’s turbulent economy having effective Managers and Supervisors is key to your organization’s survival.   Managers and Supervisors are being called on to take on much larger challenges than many are used to such as dealing with larger staffs, taking leadership positions on special projects, and dealing with increasingly heavier demands on their time from both above and below.  And many are being asked to do so without the training and support they need to know how to deal effectively with these challenges.

To succeed in this type of environment, Managers need to master 6 basic skills.  These are how to:

  • Design and Run Effective Meetings
  • Hold Effective Team Discussions
  • Delegate Work Successfully
  • Manage Projects
  • Manage Their Time
  • Coach Employees

While desperately needed, too often attempts to provide Managers and Supervisors with training and/or resources in these important areas fail.  Some of the common reasons are:

  • Available training is too expensive, so none is offered.
  • Available books and resources on the subjects provide too much information, and no real “how to” application tools.
  • Materials are too hard to get to when you need them.

To correct this, KAW Consulting developed the “Manager’s Toolkit“,  a set of electronic handbooks  that guide Managers and Supervisors step by step through each of the processes used in the 6 basic skill areas.

Unlike most books on the 6 key skill areas, that are too complicated and hard to understand, the “Manager’s Toolkit” handbooks are exactly the opposite. They’re written in easy to understand language that walks the Manager or Supervisor step by step through the processes needed to apply each of the 6 key skills.   Many even include sample forms and checklists.

Like any great handbook, the handbooks in the “Manager’s Toolkit” are something meant to be used over and over again.  And unlike paper handbooks, that get lost easily, they’re electronic books in PDF format, that Managers and Supervisors can store on their computer so they have them accessible each time they need to design a meeting, hold a team discussion, delegate a task, manage a project or coach an employee.  Just call up a handbook and it’s ready to use.  If they want a hard copy, they can print what only they need.  To save  time, we’ve even included hyperlinks in each handbook’s  Table of Contents, as appropriate, so they can jump right to the page or section they need without having to spend time scrolling through unneeded pages.

To view samples of each, and to learn how to purchase copies, click here.

Note: PDF Versions Available to U.S. Purchasers Only. Non U.S. Purchasers can purchase Kindle Versions.  Click here for information on how to do so.

Author: KAW Consulting

KAW Consulting provides Training and Development, Organizational Development, Teambuilding, Strategic Planning and Human Resource Consulting. Since 1994, our Core Competence has been helping organizations meet their business and strategic goals by identifying and developing the needed human resource capability to achieve these goals. KAW also provides the Manager's Toolkit, a series of Team and Personal productivity tools aimed at helping Managers, Supervisors and Team Members succeed in some of their most challenging tasks such as: Designing and Running Better Meetings, Holding effective Team Discussions, Delegating Work Successfully, Managing Projects, Time Management, Coaching Employees, and Leading Effectively.